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Owners: Ed & Barabara

Owners Ed & Barbara Phillips

What we offer

One of our single rooms

Hotel Rooms

If you are looking for a room we have your covered. 

  • Singles-1 Queen Bed
  • Doubles: 2 Queen Beds
  • Triple: Full Bed & Adult Bunk bed set
  • King Room with private deck
  • Suite with private deck
  • FREE Guest Wifi
  • FREE Continental Breakfast with room
  • Coin Operated Laundry Room


Seafood, Burgers, Pizza, Salad Bar, Sandwiches, Soups, House made deserts & more. 

  • FREE Pool
  • FREE Foosball
  • FREE Ping-pong
  • Karaoke in the evenings
  • FREE Trivia Night Wednesdays 


Our bar is a popular watering hole for locals, fishermen, hunters & tourists a like. We have a wide variety of beers including the Alaska Brewing Company Beer line.  We also serve a wide range of spirits as well as mixed drinks. 

  • Music
  • FREE Pool
  • FREE Fooseball
  • FREE Ping-Pong
  • Karaoke in the evenings
  • FREE Texas Hold-em FANTASY Poker tournaments on Fridays

Car Rentals

Why take an expensive bear & wildlife tour when you could tour the island in the comfort of your own car rental. Go at your own pace and were you want to go while seeing what you want to see. Take a pick-nick out the road and enjoy the day watching bears fish in the stream! 

Boat Rentals

Don't pay for an expensive whale watch and charter fishing when you can rent a boat and do the same. 

See what our guests have to say!

Don't take our word for it. See what our guests have to say bout us and decide for yourself!


A view from the back deck!


The Icy Strait Lodge is located in a very beautiful area of Hoonah and operates year-round.  The waterside of the lodge has a southern exposure where three waterways converge on a constantly changing "tidal flat" which combine to provide a remarkably beautiful and ever-changing panorama.   The locations beauty and interaction with wildlife have led us to call the remarkable view from our back yard a "Nature theater".  We believe that this unique, serene and ever-changing view of the ocean showcases the magnificence of the ocean that comes like clockwork to our beach twice a day! 

About Hoonah

The Huna Tlingit people have lived in the Southeast Alaska archipelago for many hundreds of years. They originally occupied the area now known as Glacier Bay but were forced from their village more than two hundred years ago by advancing glaciers. In 1754, they chose to permanently settle twenty miles to the south where they subsistence-harvested each summer. The new settlement was referred to as Gaawt'ak.aan, or "village by the cliff." Later the name was changed to Xu.naa (Hoonah), "where the north wind doesn't blow."

The Hoonah Indian Association was chartered in 1939 as a Federally Recognized Tribe. The clan is the basic social unit within the Tlingit society. Its membership is comprised of individuals who trace their kinship through the maternal line.

A partial timeline of modern Hoonah history is below:

  • 1754 - Huna Tlingit people established a permanent village in what is now present-day Hoonah.
  • 1880 - The Northwest Trading Company built the first store in Hoonah.
  • 1881 - The Presbyterian Home Mission and school were built.
  • 1887 - 450 to 500 people were wintering in the village.
  • 1901 - Hoonah post office was opened.
  • 1912 - The Hoonah Packing Co. built a large cannery north of town. The cannery was shut down in 1953 and is now a tourist attraction called Icy Strait Point. The Thompson Fish Company, known as Hoonah Cold Storage, is still operating and freezes and ships salmon, crab, black cod and halibut.
  • 1944 - June 14, 1994: A disastrous fire destroyed much of the town. Homes filled with ancient, priceless objects of Tlingit culture were lost to the flames. The federal government helped to rebuild by diverting to Hoonah World War II housing that was en route to Hawaii. These houses, located in the downtown area, are still called the "war houses."
  • 1946 - Hoonah was incorporated as a First Class City.
  • 2004 - The first cruise ship arrived at Icy Strait Point. Presently, more than 75 ships dock annually at Icy Strait Point during the months of May - September.


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